Medical interpreters

We offer our assistance at local surgeries in the San Fulgencio area, Torrevieja and Elche hospitals and can even help you translate old medical records. 

Your health is never worth the risk of not fully understanding a diagnosis or explaining your concerns to a health professional.

Police interpreters

It is mandatory to take an interpreter if you are filing a police report (also known as a denuncia) with the National Police or Guardia Civil.

If you have to deal with the police, it never tends to be for a good reason! We are here to offer our support and assistance during this process. 



Legal translations

Whether you are signing a new deed, a Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, a new mortgage... We can help.

We are here to give you peace of mind throughout any notarial or judicial (court) process. Just sit back and... relax. We have your back.



Sworn and written

When it comes to submitting foreign documents, such as birth, death, or marriage certificates, to local authorities in Spain, a crucial requirement is the translation of these documents into Spanish. This specialized form of translation is known as an "official" or "sworn" translation, and it's a task that can't be entrusted to just anyone. Our certified translator is here to help.



Learn Spanish

Our very own Spanish course follows a fresh and modern approach to language learning, and focuses on practical situations and every day conversation. Have fun while learning and feel confident in yourself as you grow closer to our roots and culture.

Watch out for our new beginner's classes, book your private lesson or join us on Zoom. You can find our group class schedule here.

Spanish for Kids

Does your child need help improving their language level? Do they need help with reading comprehension, writing, constructing sentences...? Then get in touch to join our Kids Spanish club, every Wednesday at 16:35

Your child will enjoy coming to their classes at Speechless in Spain, and all our younger students have always shown improvements in their grades and overall academic achievements.


Kids Saturday Club

Our Saturday Club is the perfect place for your child to unleash their imagination, explore the wonders of our world, learn about the body, and delve into the mysteries of the universe, packed with engaging games, activities, crafts, and loads of fun.

For just 10 euros per child, they can enjoy 2 hours of educational and entertaining activities in an English-speaking environment, all while making new friends. Every Saturday from 10:00-12:00


NIE numbers

For all nationalities! We will prepare all necessary paperwork and procure your appointment. We also provide the obtention of NIE numbers via Power of Attorney at an extra cost.

Discounts may be applied to groups of more than 2 people.

TIE cards

Whether you are a British citizen wanting to exchange their "green residencia" to the new TIE card, or you want to finalise the post-Visa process with the Spanish authorities, we can help. 

We offer extremely competitive prices and make the process straightforward and SIMPLE! 

Vehicles and drivers

Our services also cover changes of vehicle address, exchanging foreign driving licenses to Spanish licenses, and changes of notification address. 

Get in touch today to take the pressure off your administrative processes.


We offer an quick and efficient service to process the change of ownership and/or direct debits with electric and water companies in the area. 

Come and sign the forms, leave the rest with us!



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